Introducing the Nova

Our first product combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features, making it easy for anyone to become a successful home farmer. We offer a compact design that fits seamlessly into any space with customizable options that suit your unique needs, our vertical farming solution offers convenience, beauty, and flexibility like never before.
Fresh & Home Grown
Free from harmful pesticides and chemicals that industrial farms use. Home grown is much healthier, tastes fresher, and is full of flavor.
Automated Gardening
Our system reduces the time and effort required for maintenance, labor, and cost; freeing up more time for you to enjoy your fruits, vegetables, and herbs. The unit's dynamic control of light, water, and climate to each growing level drastically reduces your time spent on maintaining the crops. Let our systems do the work.
Grow Anything
The Nova is suitable for a wide range of crops, including vegetables, fruits, and herbs, allowing you grow multiple foods simultaneously. If the plant will fit inside, it will grow!
Sleek Design
The aesthetic appeal is designed to complement any home or office decor. The unit's compact and streamlined design is both functional and attractive, making it a stylish addition to your living and working space.

From Seed to Plate, simplify the process.


Our micro-farms are designed with sustainability in mind, helping you reduce your environmental footprint.


Loom allows you to grow your own fresh produce right at home, eliminating the need for trips to the grocery store or farmer's market.

Form Factor

Loom's compact design makes it easy to fit a farm in any home, regard less of space constraints. A form factor to fit any luxury living space.

Health & Wellness

Growing your own produce can be a rewarding and healthy hobby, that allows you to know exactly what you are consuming, connecting you with nature.

Beautified Farming

Beautify your living space with Loom's innovative indoor farming solutions. Transform your home into a vibrant oasis of lush greenery and flourishing plants, enhancing both aesthetics and air quality. Elevate your surroundings and immerse yourself in the joy of a beautifully harmonized home that nourishes the soul. Experience the unparalleled indoor gardening experience offered by Loom and create an environment that enchants the eye and uplifts the spirit.

Elevate Your Home

Transform your home with Loom's indoor farming solutions, bringing freshness and beauty to new heights. Cultivate a thriving garden right at home, enjoying vibrant plants, fresh herbs, and delicious produce. Elevate your living environment with ease and precision. Embrace a greener, healthier lifestyle with Loom.

Pricing Plans

Explore Loom's flexible pricing plans tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you're a home gardener or a business owner, we have options designed to fit your budget and goals. Unlock the potential of our innovative indoor farming solutions with transparent and affordable pricing.

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