How The Loom Unit Works

Seamless Farming within the Comfort of Your Home.

Monitor Everything from Your Smartphone

Whether at Work, in the Car, or on Vacation.

Boost your productivity with our Loom App

All-in-one solution for managing your vertical farming experience on the go. With our user-friendly app, you can effortlessly monitor and control your indoor farm from anywhere, anytime. Seamlessly connect to your Loom Farming Unit and gain access to real-time data, including temperature, humidity, and nutrient levels, ensuring optimal growing conditions for your plants.

We have impactful numbers

Delivering not only fresh produce but also pushing for a sustainable future. Join the movement and start reshaping the planet for it reshape us.

Less water used than traditional farming methods
1.3B lbs.
Global food wasted per year through restaurants and grocery stories.
1500 miles
The average distance that food travels from farm to plate in the U.S is approx.
Enjoy ZERO pesticides, modifications, and herbicides.
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